Does Marketing seem like a
4-letter word to you?

Does it seem...

        ... dishonest
                ... manipulative
                        ... pushy
                                ... or oily?

Do you get really excited when you
think about being self-employed...

but then freeze up when you
think about marketing?

When it comes to your business, would you rather
learn about anything else...

      ...get good at anything else...

   anything else...

Anything But Marketing?

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It's overwhelming. Everywhere you look there's another marketing guru with the system that will "rocket your business to six figures a month."

But you're not even sure how people send out e-mail newsletters.

The thought of networking makes you queasy - actually physically uncomfortable.

Public speaking? Just shoot me now!

Writing a compelling message for a brochure or a flyer
     - or (gulp!) a web page -
sounds impossible.

You're willing to do anything it takes to have a successful business:

     You'll put in hundreds of hours - thousands even - becoming an expert

     You'll treat your customers with the greatest respect

     You'll have the most welcoming store or office or web site

     You'll use the highest quality materials

     You'll pinch every penny until it screams

     You'll do anything you have to do

Anything, that is, but marketing.

I understand how you feel about marketing.
I know what it's like to dislike it, even despise it.

I've been there. In fact, in a lot of ways, I'm still there. I hesitate when it's time to think about marketing my business. I might even sigh or groan a little bit.

And I trained to be a marketing consultant!!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming to be a marketing expert. I never even became a full-blown marketing consultant. That plan pretty much fizzled.

But I do have intensive training in marketing, plus a few months of experience while I apprenticed under a couple of marketing consultants. When those guys decided to part ways and head in different directions after a few months, my apprenticeship ended.

I went to marketing training to be a better business owner
and was invited to train to become a marketing consultant.

Fortunately, it wasn't a waste of time. I had learned the foundation of a good marketing plan. I had a thorough and comprehensive way of understanding what marketing is and how marketing works. I didn't realize it back then, but my training and experience in marketing put me in a position to help out my self-employed clients and my coaching colleagues.

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Learning the foundation of marketing prepared me to
help clients and colleagues with marketing.

Here's the kind of story I've heard. Maybe you've been through the same thing. A colleague would tell me about traveling to attend an expensive marketing workshop over a long weekend. The information was fantastic, the energy and enthusiasm at the event were powerful, and the success stories got his juices flowing.

But he never implemented anything he learned at the workshop, because he wasn't ready. There were unanswered questions or pieces not in place.

"Should I spend a lot of money on this marketing training?"

A few weeks later he would tell me about an expensive 6-week webinar series from another marketing guru with training on a specific marketing technique. Like using video. He would ask my opinion. I would ask questions about his overall marketing plan to see if he was ready to use video.

He wasn't ready. He didn't have his message developed. He wasn't even sure that his target market would respond to video.

Sometimes when a scenario like that happened, my colleague would decide not to spend big piles of money on another marketing program. That felt great! All the time (and money) I spent training as a marketing consultant was useful!

You have to know the right questions beforehand or you'll be drawn in.

But there were times when the scenario went a little different. My colleague would sign up, pay the big bucks, and then tell me. It was too late!

That was frustrating, and so disappointing. I wanted my colleagues to know what I've learned so they could make better choices and stop wasting their money.

Because marketers know how to hook you when you don't know much.

A few clients did the same thing, too. They would get excited about a weekend workshop or a "marketing program in a box" and ask my opinion. They were swayed by the promise of simple steps, proven formulas, and "must use" techniques. They were ready to fork over hundreds of dollars, sometimes even a couple thousand dollars, to have the secrets the marketing experts promised.

That's the key. People who are marketing experts know a lot about marketing. So they know how to make their training sound really good. If you don't know their techniques, it's easy to be drawn in. They only tell you what they want you to know. If you don't know the questions to ask, you don't know what's missing.

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Most marketers are trained to tell you only what they want you to know
and exactly what you want to hear.

This world of marketing experts reminds me of a boomtown. Just like a boomtown, there are promises of amazing riches and all the success you've dreamed of. But just like a boomtown, it's also full of hype and deceit. Better get your boots on, because it's piling up.

There's a flow of ads from small business experts and marketing gurus, all promising the secret that no one else is teaching, or the proven system that will suddenly make your business profitable. When I see them, I shake my head. I can see through some of the tricks, and sometimes a lot of the tricks. I know the questions to ask. I can only imagine what you must be wondering.

That's why I'm a marketing skeptic.

I don't like hype. I don't like deceit. And I don't like manipulation.

I like information, I like honesty, and I like it when people can make informed decisions.

I look for what's honest, authentic, and real in marketing. It's an approach to marketing where business owners use compelling truth and compassion for others to communicate with their audiences in a powerful way.

Learn to cut through the hype and see the truth.

My own skepticism helps me understand the reluctance you feel when it comes time to learn about marketing.

I can give you a clear example or a key piece of information that helps you understand a marketing concept. What was strange or foreign will start making sense.

I can break the techniques and systems into simple steps so you can learn them one at a time.

I can help you choose where to start when marketing your business and figure out if there really are marketing techniques you "must use" for your business. Start with what's comfortable. Learn what matters. And avoid wasting your time and money

Let's Turn "#@%&!!" into "Marketing"

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Here's what you get with the Anything But Marketing! program:

You'll receive 12 modules of training delivered to you 1 at a time over 12 weeks

You'll also receive the Anything But Marketing! Workbook with exercises to apply what you learn in Modules 1-11 to your business or business idea

And when Module 12 is sent to you, you'll receive the Next Steps Planner to capture what you've already figured out for each component of your marketing plan.

You'll be ready to plan the marketing steps you're ready to take, you'll know what you need to learn more about, and what, if anything, you need to hire a marketing expert to do for you.

It's all here...
in 12 class modules

Module 1: Introductions

Module 2: Find Your Mission

Module 3: Write Your Story Part 1 - Identify Your Audience

Module 4: Write Your Story Part 2 - Craft the Message

Module 5: Tell the World Part 1 - Strategy Before Tactics

Module 6: Tell the World Part 2 - Marketing Tactics

Module 7: Tell the World Part 3 - Permission Marketing

Module 8: Tell the World Part 4 - Ongoing Conversations

Module 9: Tell the World Part 5 - Sales Letters and Squeeze Pages

Module 10: Nurture the Relationship After the Sale

Module 11: Apply What You Learned Part 1 - Evaluate a Business

Module 12: Apply What You Learned Part 2 - The Beginning

This is EVERYTHING I've taught
clients and colleagues for years about Marketing.

Over the years I found myself explaining these core ideas about the foundation of marketing to a lot of people. In conversations with coaching colleagues, students in a business design program, and friends who own businesses, I was giving definitions, asking questions to figure out where they were in the process, and helping them choose their next steps.

I put information together into short workshops where I could focus on one or two core ideas in an hour-long class and presented those as tele-seminars.

I wrote lengthy e-mails to friends and colleagues in answers to various questions, explaining an area of marketing that had them stumped.

I pulled together some of those answers to create articles that were published in newsletters and online forums for newly self-employed people.

I created a blog and published dozens of posts for marketing newcomers with specific pointers on lots of different areas of marketing.

I created a "guide to creating a marketing plan" for a youth athletics organization.

I'm not a marketing expert.

Coaching colleagues would say, "You really know a lot about this. Have you ever thought of specializing as a marketing coach?"

NO WAY! was always my answer.

"Marketing coach? I don't know enough about marketing to specialize as a coach!"

My expertise isn't marketing. It's personal growth and development and the intriguing world of human psychology. That's why I'm a coach:
    to help people overcome their internal obstacles like limiting beliefs and self-doubt

    to encourage people to nurture their strengths and talents to develop their personal power and have more meaning and enjoyment in their lives

    and to walk alongside people as they find the courage to step outside their comfort zones and take on projects that challenge them and help them become more capable, more confident, and more fulfilled.

That doesn't sound like marketing at all!

But it sounds a lot like working with small businesses owners, or people just thinking about self-employment, as they struggle with marketing.

I am an expert at helping people take on challenges and learn new things.

When I work with clients, we look at their limiting beliefs and self-doubt around marketing and come up with a plan to navigate around them or through them.

We focus on strengths and talents as a place to start in the wide world of options for how to market.

And we take the daunting, heavy-feeling goal of "learn what I need to know to be good at marketing my business" and chunk it down into projects, objectives, and steps. For my clients, walking outside their comfort zone happens little by little -- but it definitely happens!

So I knew my expertise meant I could help people who are reluctant about marketing - even uncomfortable with it - develop a plan and start learning about it. I was comfortable helping people get comfortable with marketing.

But I didn't realize the knowledge and experience I had in marketing could be so helpful to people, too.

So when my coaching colleagues - many who are also friends - suggested I specialize as a marketing coach, I was... reluctant!

But they would say, "You sure know enough to help me," or, "What you say make sense. I've never had anyone explain it to me that way before."

I know a lot about marketing.

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And I know a lot more about helping people who are reluctant
to take on the challenge of learning about marketing.

Eventually, I realized I have a lot to offer to people who are new to marketing. I understand how easy it is to be baffled by all the competing directions about what you have to do to market your business.

And I realized I especially have something to offer to people who are reluctant about marketing - reluctant to learn about marketing, reluctant to market their own businesses, and reluctant to hire someone to help them market.

Those people, the newcomers to marketing who really need to market their businesses but are reluctant to do it, are completely STUCK.

If that's you...

     -- if you're considering self-employment

     -- if you're newly self-employed,

     -- or even if you've been in business for a while but are struggling to have a steady flow of clients,

and if you're reluctant to market for any of the reasons I mentioned...

and if you're baffled by the choices you have to make about marketing...

then you're probably feeling stuck.

In fact, stuck is about the best way of describing it. You might be frustrated or discouraged and thinking about giving up.

THAT is the reason I wrote this program.

My calling is to help people liberate themselves
from other people's expectations - -

to help YOU find the courage and the power
to do what you were born to do.

When people are pursuing their dreams, stepping out of their comfort zones to take on the challenge of business ownership, and challenging themselves to develop their talents and learn skills to take charge of their lives through self-employment--

Well that completely and totally THRILLS me. It energizes, it excites me, and it makes me happy.

And hearing those people fall into despair and consider giving up is heartbreaking. I don't want them to have to give up and leave their own path to get back in line with the herd. I don't want them to have to abandon the business and the custom-designed life they've been planning for themselves and go find a box to fit their life into.

I don't want YOU to walk away, abandoning your dream - maybe for a second or third time, maybe for the last time - and resigning yourself to a life of going along and getting along, living for weekends and vacations and hoping you'll get to enjoy life once you retire.

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Your liberation is my motivation.

YOU are why I wrote this program. To give you power to take charge of your future. To give you hope to keep growing your dream. And to give you confidence that you really can do this. You can make peace with marketing and learn to market your business.

This program absolutely WILL NOT show you in detail how to create a full marketing plan for your business. But it will show you what the core components of a marketing plan are so you can decide what part you can do on your own, what part you want to get more training on, and what part you need to hire someone to help you do.

It absolutely WILL NOT turn you into a marketing expert. I'm not even a marketing expert! I can hold my own - up to a point - with small business marketing consultants, and keep up in the conversation for a while with people who market large businesses.

It absolutely WILL NOT answer all the questions you ever had about marketing, or tell you everything you ever wanted to know about marketing - whether you were afraid to ask or not.

I understand marketing -- but I'm not wild about it.

Marketing is definitely not my field of love-it, eat-sleep-and-drink-it, wallow-in-it expertise. But it's something I find intriguing. The communication side and the relationship side - yes, you have to think about relationships in marketing - line up with what I do love (and wallow in), the mysteries of the human psyche: mind, soul, and spirit.

I am wild about helping you conquer the challenge
of learning about marketing.

So what this program will do is teach you to be well-informed about marketing as a business owner, so you can guide and oversee marketing for your business and run some parts of it on your own.

What it will do is explain the foundation of marketing to you, and show you the components of a marketing plan, and answer your basic questions. And it will help you get clear about what questions you need to ask before buying a more intense marketing program or before hiring a marketing consultant.

You might be asking yourself --

If this training program will help me decide if I need more intensive training in a specific area of marketing, and help me choose the best training for me...

And if it will help me decide if I need to hire a marketing consultant, and which marketing consultant to hire...

Why would I want to pay money to learn how to buy something else??

Let me tell you why you want that information.

And I am wild about keeping you
from wasting your money!
First, I want to thank a colleague for posing this question in the first place. He is a coach and small business consultant with a lot of experience in marketing, and happily and enthusiastically enjoys it. I asked a few colleagues for feedback on specific ideas about this program, and he sent me back this thought - not at all what I had asked about, but certainly very helpful:

"I don't think a product getting people ready to buy another product will sell."

My first thought was, well, Ugh! He knows a lot about marketing, especially about marketing training programs, and he was shooting me down. But then I realized something very important.

I know you're overwhelmed by all the marketing programs available
and don't know how to choose.

I realized he is one of those marketing experts that reluctant marketing newcomers are unsure about and maybe even baffled by!

He loves marketing, so he doesn't click with people who get anxious about marketing and want to head in the other direction.

And since he's really pretty darn good at it, I don't think he can imagine someone reading the marketing for one of his programs and feeling like they're walking down the Vegas strip being enticed to blow a pile of money in a casino.

He knows about marketing, so he knows how he compares to other marketers. He has client success stories, so he knows he's effective. He writes and speaks and runs workshops, and people send him thank you notes so he knows he's making a difference.

I know this because I've had conversations with him, I've attended one of his live workshops, I've heard recordings of his training, and I've read his book. And I know enough about the foundation of a good marketing plan to "test" him and see how his information stacks up. I'm comfortable saying it's good stuff.

But you wouldn't know that, because you haven't had conversations with him, or attended his workshop, or heard his other training, or read his book.

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You don't know how to compare marketing programs
and decide what to choose --

And you don't know about all the components that are the foundation of a good marketing plan -- yet!

So if you read his sales page, you would wonder...

What's real?

How do I know that's true?

How do I find out what's really important in marketing my business?

I bet if I told him I was trying to figure out what car to buy he would suggest looking at magazines that rate and review cars. Or going on web sites to find out what's available and what people are saying about different cars. I bet he wouldn't say, "Go to the Toyota dealer and ask the salesperson what car you should get."

He would know, just like you and I know, that the salesman at the Toyota dealership would make it obvious that we needed to buy a Toyota - the most expensive Toyota he could get us interested in!

When you see marketing messages about a 3-day workshop on marketing your business, or a 6-month "platinum" program to teach you sales skills, or a box full of workbooks and videos to teach you how to use e-mail newsletters for marketing, you don't know what's true.

And a marketing message doesn't have all the information
you need to make a good decision.

The marketing message is designed to tell you that workshop, or that platinum program, or that box of training materials is exactly what you need as the answer to your problem. You can't objectively evaluate whether it's right for you until you understand enough about marketing to know what questions to ask.

So my colleague was essentially saying, "I don't think a magazine helping people choose which car to buy will sell."

But of course those kinds of magazines do sell! Because consumers need a lot of clear, specific information when they're going to spend their money on something they don't know a lot about yet.

When you're looking at buying a new car, you know that you want to find out about gas mileage, reliability, resale value, and safety. You know what kinds of cars look nice to you, you know what feels comfortable to drive, and you know what features you want. Your starting point with your research is not what the car companies tell you is right for you - it's what you know is right for you.

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This program helps you become an educated consumer.

Anything But Marketing! is like an auto magazine you read when you're looking at buying a new car. In the magazine, you learn about safety features, new technology for better gas mileage, and long-term reliability to help you make an informed choice.

In Anything But Marketing! you learn about the starting point for any marketing plan - the one which helps you decide what other components matter.

You learn how to evaluate if a particular form of marketing - a marketing tactic or channel - is right for your business.

And you learn the difference between what marketing experts tell you is right for you and what you'll come to know is actually right for you.

And in the boomtown world of marketing,
you need to be an educated consumer.

With all due respect to my colleague, I absolutely do think a "product getting people ready to buy another product" is not only a good idea, but in the boomtown world of marketing gurus, it's essential.

When it's time to buy a car, you don't just look at car ads, believe everything they say, and then figure out which one is right for you. (At least I hope you don't. I imagine automobile marketers hope you do.)

Instead, you ask friends and co-workers and family members for their opinion. You go online and read articles and reviews.

You know a car ad is trying to "sell you something," so you're skeptical. You look for information to help you learn enough about car choices to make a good informed decision.

The same is true when it's time to find a home to rent or buy. You already know the property agents and realtors will present a home in a positive light. You need to know how to ask about the things they may not volunteer to tell you.

You ask your friends, co-workers, and family members for their opinion. And you go online and read articles and reviews.

You piece together the best information you can.

Benefit from my years of learning to cut through the marketing hype!

But what if you knew someone who kept up with the auto industry and knew all the ins and outs of choosing and buying a car. Wouldn't you want to talk to that person?

And what if you knew someone who kept up with the real estate market in your area and knew all the ins and outs of choosing and renting or buying a home. Wouldn't you want to talk to that person?

I know I would!

He wouldn't know every single details about designing and manufacturing cars. But he would know about trends in auto design and safety and fuel efficiency. He would know the drawbacks of a particular car based on your lifestyle and your needs, and be able to point you to something you hadn't considered.

I don't know every single detail about designing and executing a marketing plan. But I know a lot of the details, and I know the framework, what really matters. And I know about trends in marketing and trends in what marketers say to you about marketing. That is especially important, because I also keep up with pros and cons of different marketing techniques.

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So when a marketer tells you, "You have to be on social media!" I know the questions to ask to help you decide if it's really right for you and your business. Plus, if you decide it really is right for you, I know the questions and ideas that will help you get started.

Learn the questions I use to help my clients, my colleagues --
and me! -- design and develop a marketing plan.

Anything But Marketing! will help you overcome your reluctance and replace it with confidence about marketing your business.
    You'll learn about the foundation of marketing.

    You'll learn where to start when marketing your own business.

    You'll learn how to figure out if a marketing technique is worth using.

    And you'll learn what questions to ask to help you decide if an expensive live event, membership program, or box full of training materials on a specific marketing technique is worth the investment.

Presented in a Uniquely Friendly Format

Anything But Marketing! is written as the script of a 12-week training course for reluctant newcomers to marketing. Each of the 12 training modules presents 1 weekly class with an instructor (loosely based on me!) and 4 students who are composite characters drawn from colleagues and clients I have trained in marketing.

In each module, the instructor introduces a component of the foundation of marketing and discusses it with the students. They ask questions based on their different backgrounds, personalities, and points of view. This expands the teaching from facts to real-life application in many different situations and circumstances.

Each module ends with a homework assignment for the students, which is explained in further detail in the accompanying workbook for you to use. At the beginning of class the students talk about what they learned doing the homework and often have additional questions. As you read along and do the exercises, the discussion will help you come up with new ideas to understand the concepts better and find more ways to apply them to your business or new business idea.

As you do the exercises yourself, you stop being just an observer and become a participant in the course. The training plus the exercises take you step-by-step through the process of defining the foundation of your own marketing plan.

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Everything you need to know to take charge of marketing your business

Here's what you get each week.

Week 1, delivered as soon as you register:

Module 1: Introductions, and the Anything But Marketing! Workbook

Introductions lets you meet the instructor and your fellow students. It also introduces a definition of marketing and encourages you to think about what marketing means to you. One big purpose of the first class is to help you figure out what you think about marketing so you can challenge your definition as you go through the course. Another big purpose of the first class is to introduce a new way of thinking about marketing that will feel genuine and authentic, not manipulative or deceitful.

Week 2, delivered 7 days after the first module:

Module 2: Find Your Mission

The summary I use for the overall marketing process is "Find your mission, write your story, tell the world." In Find Your Mission you will join the students in a discussion to get clear about what your business does.

     • Who do you serve? (Whom do you serve? -- if you prefer the grammatically correct version)

     • What do you do for your clients or customers?

     • Why does that matter to you?

     • Why does it matter to them?

Week 3, delivered 7 days later:

Module 3: Write Your Story, Part 1 - Identify Your Audience

Once you're clear about what your business does, you have to put that into a story for your prospective clients or customers. The first part of good storytelling is to know your audience so you can connect with them. In this class you'll learn ideas for doing that and apply what you learn in an exercise to start painting a picture of your prospects.

Week 4:

Module 4: Write Your Story Part 2 - Craft the Message

With a clear understanding of your audience, you'll learn how to figure out what really matters to them.

     • Why do they need what you're selling?

     • How do they decide they're ready to buy?

     • Why will they choose you instead of your competition?

You will apply the lessons you learn in the class discussion to sketch out the main points of your own marketing message.

Module 5: Tell the World Part 1 - Strategy Before Tactics

Have you learned about the difference between strategy and tactics when it comes to marketing? If so, congratulations! If not, don't worry. That just means you're like a majority of business owners, a huge majority.

Even marketing consultants get so wrapped up in the bells and whistles of certain tactics they forget to start with strategy. This class will show you how to avoid that trap, and how to lay out a step-by-step strategy to walk your prospects across the buying line.

Module 6: Tell the World Part 2 - Marketing Tactics

Once you understand marketing strategy and have yours outlined, you're ready to explore tactics. This is the class where you will learn why so many people get distracted from the foundation of a sound marketing plan by following the siren's song that promises great success with the "latest and greatest" marketing tactic. It's also the class where you learn how to answer questions about different marketing tactics with certainty.

     • Is this a tactic you need to use?

     • Is it right for your audience?

     • Is it right for your business?

     • Is it right for you?

Module 7: Tell the World Part 3 - Permission Marketing

A top reason - maybe the top reason - people are reluctant to market is that it seems pushy and annoying. Is your e-mail inbox filled with unwanted advertisements? Do you keep a recycle bin near the door so you can immediately toss out junk mail and the advertising fillers in the newspaper? Tired of flashing banners and pop-up ads on web sites?

That's how a lot of us feel! These tactics must still work with some people, because so many businesses use them. But lots of us get irritated and quickly fed up by the bombardment. Permission marketing means you only send your messages to people who raised their hand and asked. Manners... in marketing. Pretty cool!

Module 8: Tell the World Part 4 - Ongoing Conversations

A few short years ago, e-mail newsletters were all the rage. E-mail was still new and exciting -- really! People signed up for newsletters for the novelty and read all their e-mail. It wasn't that long ago, I promise! Then blogging became a popular way for people to share their ideas and spread the word online. And now we have social media on all sorts of platforms.

There are marketing experts who still say e-mail newsletters are the way to go. They claim they're still getting the best response rate. Of course, they're the ones who specialize in teaching you how to use e-mail newsletters! Other experts encourage you to use blogging as a way to get more people to notice you. Social media is so hot it's promoted as "all you need" for marketing, and something your business can't survive without.

In this module you'll learn the basis of these digital platforms, which is engaging in interesting conversations. You'll learn how to evaluate each platform to determine if it's really right for you, your business, and your potential customers. And you'll learn easy, natural ways to generate content that's fresh and engaging.

Module 9: Tell the World Part 5 - Sales Letters and Squeeze Pages

There is one type of marketing tactic that almost every business uses in one form or another. It's the sales letter. Few businesses still mail out thick letters full of stories, examples, and proof about their services or products to targeted prospects. But many modern marketing tactics like web pages use some of the structure and techniques of the old school sales letter.

Online sales pages, like this one, definitely rely on lessons learned from the long sales letter. Learn enough about how sales letters are designed to be able to pull out elements to use in your marketing plan. And learn to use key elements of the long sales letter format to craft a short but effective squeeze page.

Module 10: Nurture the Relationship After the Sale

It's a cliché: years after the star-struck lovers were swept up by the amazing wonder of each other, and long after the joy of hanging on each other's every word has passed, there's an old married couple who take each other for granted. No sizzle, just fizzle.

The same thing happens when a business focuses all its attention wooing new customers and forgets to cherish existing customers. Learn methods and techniques to keep the fire kindled so your customers keep coming back and happily send their friends and family members your way.

Module 11: Apply What You Learned Part 1 - Evaluate a Business

No business can last for long unless it makes money - at first, enough to cover the costs, and eventually enough profit to be worth the time and effort. People who buy and sell businesses, or help other people buy and sell businesses, know how to tell the value of a business and how much profit it's likely to make.

They look at who the typical customer is and how many potential customers are out there. They evaluate how easy it is to find them, how easy it is to persuade them, and how much profit there is in each sale. Learn how to use the components of a marketing plan to ask the right questions to figure out if your business idea will work, and what you need to do to make sure it's successful.

Week 12: You'll receive the 12th module and the Next Steps Planner

Module 12: Apply What You Learned Part 2 - The Beginning

The final class pulls all the material together and helps you figure out your next step for each component of your marketing plan. Reading what the students have learned along the way and what they're going to do next gives you ideas about filling in your own plan.

The Next Steps Planner is designed for you to write down key points and then choose specific steps to take to continue developing your marketing plan. You'll know what type of marketing you can do on your own, what you can do with some additional training, and what you'll need to hire or contract with someone to do for you.

If you hire someone, you'll be thoroughly prepared to understand what you need them to do. You'll know where their special skills fit in your overall marketing plan, and you'll know what questions to ask to help you choose someone who's experienced and knowledgeable - cutting through the boomtown hype and sifting the gold from the silt.

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Liberate yourself with the power of information.

Imagine -- 3 months from today, you can have a comprehensive marketing plan outlined for your business, with many of the details filled in.

You'll know what marketing tactics you can already use effectively and easily.

When you spend time and money on marketing, you'll have a clear strategy for what you want to accomplish instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping.

The boomtown won't baffle you or intimidate you any longer!

You'll be in charge.

You'll be fully prepared to
    See through hyped claims being made in the marketing boomtown

    Navigate the world of marketing with comfort and ease

    Outline a comprehensive marketing plan for your business

    Know if you really "must use" a marketing technique for your business

    Take charge of your marketing and lead it with confidence

A More Thorough, More Comprehensive Introduction to Marketing

My study of marketing began when I joined an 8-week mastermind seminar for "do-it-yourself" small business owners. We learned key concepts from the marketing consultants, plus steps to apply the concepts. Even though we learned a lot, they only covered about half of the topics in Anything But Marketing!

I learned their full system when I trained to be a marketing consultant. Over the years, I continued learning about marketing, especially as the internet brought new challenges and new opportunities. From a coaching perspective, I learned to consider the business owner's personal mission as well as business mission, and to help people learn to market form their strengths. My understanding of the foundation of marketing expanded and deepened.

Anything But Marketing! covers the full scope of marketing a small business. Training from marketing experts and gurus usually focuses on just one part of the marketing plan. For example, some give a lot of detail about newsletters, some focus on ways to make your web site more interesting and interactive, while others teach you how to use social media effectively. Each program teaches some of the components of the full marketing plan, but they don't give you a start to finish big picture explanation of why, what, and how. Anything But Marketing! does.

At a Fraction of the Price

I paid $1,750 for that 8-week mastermind seminar several years ago. The marketing consultants taught us big pieces of the system they used to create a full marketing plan for their clients. Their clients paid them from $12,000 to $20,000 per year to develop and implement their marketing. Some of their colleagues were earning more than $30,000 per year per client. $1,750 for the DIY version was a pretty good deal at the time.

Today, business owners are paying between $5,000 and $8,000 to attend workshops that teach an updated version of the seminar I attended. Self-made experts in one focused area of marketing, like internet marketing or social media marketing or sales conversations, charge $1,000 to $2,000 for their programs. They're usually offered as 3-day workshops or 6-week to 8-week classes.

Because I'm committed to helping people empower themselves through self-employment, I'm not charging $5,000 like the marketing consulting company is charging. I'm not charging $1,750 like I paid years ago for less thorough, less comprehensive training. I'm not charging anywhere between the $1,000 and $2,000 the self-made gurus charge.

I decided to give Anything But Marketing! a really low price. It's the same rate my colleagues and I charge when run a "trial version" of a coaching group or a training program to test it out and work out the kinks -- just $25 per session.

That means you can have all 12 sessions of training, plus the workbook, plus the planner,

for only $249.

And, Yes, There are Bonuses!

Plus, I'm including 2 bonuses.

Bonus #1 is a 30-minute strategy session with me by phone or Skype to take your completed Next Steps Planner and super charge it into a Blueprint for Action. That's a $75 value.

I have 2 big reasons for offering this bonus. First, to schedule the call, you have to send me a summary of your work. Learning new ideas is powerful when you apply them to your particular situation, so I want you to do the exercises in the workbook and the planner.

Second, you'll get personalized attention from me to help you take what you've learned and put it work on your business or business idea. No amount of learning is going to help you reach your dream of successful self-employment if you don't put it in action.

Bonus #2 is the Demystifying Marketing e-book. It's filled with over 3 dozen articles with real-life examples of marketing ideas to use that are practical and low-cost, and it explains some marketing "missteps" with a little humor and some common sense. That's a $29 value. Are you ready?

Let's get started now!

I'm ready!
For just $297
I understand I'm getting:

12 Anything But Marketing! Training Modules from start to finish on the foundation of marketing

The Anything But Marketing! Workbook for Modules 1-11 with detailed exercises to apply what I learn to my business or business idea

The Next Steps Planner for Module 12 to show me exactly what I need to do to build my marketing plan on the foundation I've learned

Bonus #1: A 30-minute strategy session with Steve to super charge my Next Steps Planner into a Blueprint for Action -- a $75 value!

Bonus #2: Demystifying Marketing e-book filled with over 3 dozen articles containing real-life, practical examples of low-cost, simple small business marketing ideas at work -- a $29 value!

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